Destiny 2 and its Menagerie has a lot to offer, including a World of Warcraft Easter egg. Bungie's most recent blog post comes from Destiny 2 director Luke Smith and details a whole host of information about their space title that players may not know. From controversies to evolved content, there were a lot of topics broached during the latest editorial post including that of a sweet little World of Warcraft nod. 

Regarding the Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus boss fight in the Menagerie itself, Smith mentioned that the boss himself was heavily inspired by a very tricky World of Warcraft raid boss called the "dance" boss. According to Smith, "Fun fact! Helgan the Unclean was often called the "dance" boss in the [World of Warcraft] raid Naxxamaras and Hasapiko means "the butcher's dance" in Greek. It's a little nod back to Blizzard's Xur reference."

For those familiar with the Menagerie, Hasapiko is an annoyingly challenging Vex Minotaur. His movements are very dancelike, according to Smith, and that was an intentional nod to World of Warcraft. The director stated that this was basically Bungie's own version of the "dance" boss while paying homage to a longly beloved MMORPG. 

Pretty interesting, right! You can check out the Menagerie yourself and take him on yourself because Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC! Learn more about Destiny 2 and the upcoming Shadownkeep changes right here with our game hub!