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Destiny 2 Corridors of Time Puzzle Solved

by Liana Ruppert

When the January 14th reset went down, Bungie unveiled a complex new puzzle for the Destiny community to overtake. The Destiny 2 Corridors of the Time puzzle was a doozy, but players worked around the clock to get what needed to be done, done. Now 6 days later, the Destiny 2 Corridors of the Time puzzle has officially been solved, huzzah! 

From streamers pulling together their resources to compile gameplay footage to others pitching in key screenshots to work towards completion, the road to fleshing out the map to complete Corridors was intense, especially for those in the thick of it. It was confusing, intricate, and so, so worth it especially now that it has been run through. 

We’ll be writing up a guide later today with exactly how you can take this on, so stay tuned! The benefit? Destiny 2’s newest Exotic weapon, the Bastion fusion rifle. There’s also more story dialogue and lore uncovered, which is perfect for those players that enjoy more than just the PvP aspect of the online shooter. 

Once completed (remember, we’ll have a guide later in our Game Hub), players will have a new weapon to enjoy and new bragging rights to show off. As for what’s next in the Destiny 2-verse, we have to wait and see but one thing is for sure: Forsaken was a massive turning point for the game and we’re excited to see what else Bungie has in store. 

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