Deltarune’s Final Three Chapters Will Release At The Same Time

Toby Fox also noted that the final price of Deltarune will likely be higher than that of Undertale.

On the official Deltarune website, developer Toby Fox shared some information regarding how the next set of chapters for Deltarune will be released. In addition, Fox outlines how the development process itself has changed, with Deltarune no longer being a solo project. 

For fans who completed the recently released second chapter and are eagerly awaiting the third, you may be interested to hear that Chapter 3 will release simultaneously alongside Chapters 4 and 5.

Deltarune’s Final Three Chapters Will Release At The Same Time

With the recent release of Chapter 2 of Deltarune comes questions including ones in regards to the future of the game and how the next few chapters will be released.

Addressing some of these questions, and sharing insight into the development process, developer Toby Fox has some must-read information available on the official Deltarune website

Among this information is the confirmation that Chapter 3 of Deltarune will be released alongside Chapters 4 and 5. 

“Originally I had planned to release chapters only when all of them are finished, but honestly, it’s hard both for creators and fans to go a long time without a release. So, I changed my mind. I think most people will be happy about this,” Fox explains.

“My next goal is to complete Chapters 3, 4, and 5 for next time. Then, at that time I will ask for people to buy the game, at the price of the first 5 chapters (including 1 and 2). I don’t know the price yet, but it’s definitely going to cost more than Undertale.” 

Other things Fox talks about include the development of Chapter 2 and thoughts on potentially expanding the team further, with Deltarune no longer being a solo project. 

“Although it’s no longer a solo project, I tried very hard to communicate my vision. I designed and wrote everything. I gave feedback on literally every single part of the game. Thanks to everyone, we were able to complete the chapter a lot faster than I could ever do it by myself. I’m very proud of the team, so please look at the credits.”

Fox goes on to share credits for Deltarune, which you can view in full on the website. Fox mentions that the team has gained a lot of experience working on Chapter 2, described as the biggest chapter in the entire game with the largest cutscene count, and more.

Fox notes that if they can expand the team further, “things will really kick off… maybe.” 

All in all, we’re loving Chapter 2 of Deltarune and are looking forward to the release of not only Chapter 3, but of Chapters 4 and 5 as well given they’ll all be released simultaneously. After reading these bits of information from Toby Fox, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on Deltarune.

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