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Deleted PlayStation Tweet Suggests a 2020 Overwatch 2 Release

by Liana Ruppert

Overwatch 2 was officially revealed last year showing of more story elements than ever before and a few new PvP modes. While it looked incredible and like a breath of fresh air for the Overwatch franchise, Jeff Kaplan and the Blizzard crew mentioned that the release would be a long way off. A recently deleted PlayStation tweet suggests otherwise. 

The leak comes from PlayStation Brasil (via Voxel): 

The now-deleted post also came with a link that promised more information, but reports say the link was dead and the tweet was abruptly removed. Unfortunately for Blizzard, what’s on the Internet stays on the Internet forever – one way or another. 

Though the team said the release date was not likely to see 2020, there was a playable version of the game at BlizzCon last November, suggesting that it’s pretty far along in its development process and could very likely see a rushed release if the studio – and its publisher Activision – saw the push necessary. That being said, it’s not really probably to think that the entire dev team was that far off in their projections, so like all rumors – take this with a grain of salt. 

As for the game itself, everything Overwatch 2 has to offer – new PvP modes, new maps, heroes, skins, and more – will carry over to Overwatch 1 with a few exceptions. The one major aspect that doesn’t carry back to the first game is the Story Missions, the PvE element. This is where the expansion comes in and this is something the Overwatch community has been craving. 

Though there is lore to be found in the first game through voice lines pre-match, the comics, animated shorts, and new heroes, players have been clamoring for actual story. Overwatch 2 aims to satiate that craving without alienating the original Overwatch player pace. 

If the deleted tweet turns out to mean nothing and we go off of what was previously stated, that means Overwatch 2 will likely come out for this generation and next-generation, though nothing concrete has been confirmed at this time. 

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