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Overwatch 2 Reveal Confirms Echo, New Heroes

by Liana Ruppert

Overwatch, despite how deceptively simple it may look, actually houses incredible lore hidden in the voicelines, the cinematics, and even comics. Now that BlizzCon is in full swing, we’ve gotten our first official look at Overwatch 2 and the story thus far. We also get a chance to see a new hero in action as well as the newly improved competitive experience. 

Without further adieu, check out the official cinematic reveal below: 

And below we have our new hero confirmation and how the game itself is changing with PvE, PvP and more: 

Game director Jeff Kaplan took to the stage to joke about how Overwatch 2 is pretty much the worst-kept secret in large part due to Kotaku, but still the team was excited to officially confirm the news. With the cinematic showing off an epic battle against a giant omnic, the gameplay delves more into some of the newer features the game will have including a new mode called Push. 

The story missions will be exciting for Overwatch players because even though the first game did have tragic backstories and charming friendships, many of those stories were told passively through comics, animated shorts, and voicelines depending on team comp. Now that story will be more straight-forward with story missions that are tangible and will no doubt spawn many more fanfictions to come. Stay tuned for more coverage of a total breakdown regarding gameplay. 

Story developing…

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