Deathverse Let It Die Open Beta Dates & Times Announced

Deathverse Let It Die

Deathverse: Let It Die occurs in 2026 after a natural disaster sends the world into chaos. An overly violent show emerged known as Death Jamboree. This is where your character will compete in the ultimate game of survival. Originally announced last year, the game is finally ready to have an open beta on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Deathverse Let It Die Open Beta Dates & Times Announced

The open beta will have two dates. The first is on May 28 and runs from 4 pm to 9:59 pm EST. The second open beta data is on June 5 and will run from 4 am to 9:59 am EST.

Players who hop into the limited-time beta will get in-game goodies for participating. For checking out the Deathverse: Let It Die beta, you’ll receive the limited-edition title “Test Pilot” and the limited-edition emote “T-Pose.’

If you reach the fourth floor of the Tower of Barbs, you’ll receive a unique title, “Senpai.” This will only be accessible during this special beta, so if you’re gunning for this, be sure to get ready to put in the work and set aside ample time during the beta.

Everyone who participates will also receive a premium decal “uncle-D2.”

During the beta, players won’t be able to purchase in-game items, and your progress and items won’t carry over to the full release.

You will be able to pick these titles and emotes when the full game launches. Currently, Deathverse: Let It Die does not have a release date.

From the official website, here is the description of Deathverse: Let It Die for those who may be unfamiliar.

“LET IT DIE is a free-to-play roguelike action game that has been downloaded more than 7 million times around the world. In a chaotic, stylized world, a survival-of-the-fittest battle unfolds!”

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