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Deaf Fortnite Star Ewok is First Female Member to Join FaZe Clan

by Nicholas Barth

This past weekend saw the highly anticipated Fortnite World Cup Finals take place, and FaZe Clan was one of the high-profile esports organizations right in the middle of the action. FaZe Clan’s involvement with the Fortnite World Cup Finals mostly dealt with their various qualified players competing for a share of the $30,000,000 prize pool. However, the organization also saw history be made for itself when the very first female member joined the team’s ranks in Twitch star Ewok. 

FaZe Clan took to its official Twitter account on July 27th and announced Ewok had officially become the first female player ever to don the FaZe Clan jersey. You can find the official announcement of the historic moment below. 

Ewok has risen to stardom over the past few months on the platform of Twitch thanks to her high-level of Fortnite talent and entertaining personality. These qualities paved the way for her to become the first deaf streamer to achieve star status on the streaming platform of Twitch. This great deal of success has now led to Ewok becoming a member of one of the most popular gaming organizations in the entire world. 

With her FaZe Clan membership announcement was a genuinely historic moment for the video game world. This fact led Ewok to take to her Twitter account and remind her followers never to stop chasing their dreams.

However, joining FaZe Clan was not the only major accomplishment Ewok achieved this past weekend at the Fortnite World Cup Finals. The talented streamer also competed in the latest Celebrity Pro-Am tournament for the battle royale title with her duo partner of Jordan Fisher in what was a real spectacle of a show

(cover photo courtesy of FaZe Clan)

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