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Dead By Daylight’s All-Kill Chapter Releases March 30

by Morgan Shaver

Behaviour Interactive revealed the release date for Dead by Daylight’s new All-Kill chapter today, and they shared a trailer featuring a cosmetics collection for the game called Seoul Sights

The outfits shown in the Seoul Sights trailer will be available for the new Killer and Survivor, along with other Survivors in the game. As for the All-Kill chapter itself, it was first announced back on March 2 and has been available to try out via Dead by Daylight’s Public Test Build (PTB) on Steam.

However, starting March 30, players across all platforms will be able to get to know the new Killer, The Trickster, and survivor Yun-Jin Lee. 

Dead By Daylight’s All-Kill Chapter Releases March 30

A brand new Killer and Survivor are being added to Dead by Daylight in the All-Kill Chapter which releases across all platforms on March 30. The All-Kill Chapter focuses on the K-pop industry, with the Killer being a fictional idol named Ji-Woon aka The Trickster.

According to Ji-Woon’s backstory, he performed with a group called NO SPIN under the label Mightee One up until his fellow bandmates mysteriously died in a fire. After that, Ji-Woon performed solo and in his madness, decided to kidnap people, torture them, and use their screams in his songs.

As for the Survivor, her name is Yun-Jin Lee and per her backstory, she was rejected as an idol trainee. Eventually, she was able to join the label Mightee One as an intern before getting the opportunity to be a producer working with artists like Ji-Woon.

To ensure everything is presented well, Behaviour Interactive worked with a real K-pop star, Kevin Woo (formerly of Xing and U-KISS). 

“I love how this chapter captures all of the amazing elements of K-pop including the eye-catching visuals of the characters, addictive music, and cultural backdrop with a horror twist.

I have no doubt that the K-pop community will fall in love with this chapter as much as I did and I hope people who aren’t familiar with K-pop will get introduced to it through the All-Kill chapter,” Woo said in a quote shared by IGN.

If you’re feeling open-minded, we’ve got you covered in the recommendations department. After the original announcement of the All-Kill chapter on March 2, we compiled an assortment of K-pop “horror” songs and videos that we recommend checking out if you’re unfamiliar with K-pop. 

If you’d rather not and prefer to stay as far away from K-pop music as possible, we still recommend checking out the All-Kill chapter once it’s live in Dead by Daylight across all platforms starting March 30.

Accompanying it will also be a collection of cosmetics called Seoul Sights, so if you like dressing up Survivors you should definitely keep an eye out for that as well.

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