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Dead By Daylight Celebrates Halloween with The Hallowed Blight

by Larryn Bell

Behaviour Interactive is getting players into the Halloween spirit by kicking off a chilling event in Dead By Daylight called The Hallowed Blight. Starting today, October 19, players can participate in a toxic new in-game event that involves collecting fluid samples while trying to either hunt or avoid being hunted.

In The Hallowed Blight, players must investigate a series of experiments where test subjects were injected with a mysterious, otherworldly plant toxin. “Survivors are in a rush to collect toxin from plants to fill Vials, though death can interrupt the process,” says the developers in today’s announcement. “And death is never more than a heartbeat away as Killers will be trying to fill their own Vials, hanging their preys on Cankerous Hooks.”

Dead By Daylight Hallowed Blight

Both Survivors and Killers are looking to fill their Vials to obtain Putrid Serum, a new in-game currency that can be used to purchase Hallowed Blight cosmetic items during the event, such as the glowing All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox or the Survivor’s Will’o Wisp Flashlight.

Alongside the Halloween-inspired event, Dead By Daylight and select DLCs will be on sale across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Hallowed Blight event is live now and will conclude on November 2, so be sure to jump in for some toxic thrills in Dead By Daylight before the festivities end.

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