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Dataminers Discover Dinosaur Skin in Fortnite Game Files

by Josh Hawkins

Fortnite just received its latest patch, adding in quite a few new items for players to find. Things like the Hunting Rifle, the new Dragonfire Auto-shotgun, and even the new point of interest, Lucky Landing are all exciting, but what really has fans excited is the possibility of new outfits, pickaxes, and other cosmetic items. According to Fortnite Intel the following outfits, emotes, and pickaxes have all been discovered in the game files. These items include a new dinosaur skin and plenty of other cosmetic goodies to get fans excited.

Before we dive in, though, we want to make it clear that none of this has been confirmed by Epic Games just yet. That means that—for the time being—all of the below are rumored items that could or could not ever make it into the game. Prima Games does not take stock in rumor or speculation, however we felt that reporting on this news was important for our readers.

New Outfits

First up we’ll cover some of the new outfits that were discovered in the files after the latest update.

The outfit that has fans the most excited, though, is the Legendary Rex Outfit, and the Scaly Back Bling backpack. You can check out what the backpack and outfit look like below, and it’s pretty easy to tell why fans are so excited about it.


Next up on the list is the Epic Burnout Outfit. Sporting a racing-like look, this outfit is sure to turn some eyes if it makes it into the game.


The third new outfit found within the game files is the Rogue Agent and Catalyst Back Bling backpack.


Finally, the last outfit found in the new game files is the Radiant Striker and the Brilliant Striker outfits.


New Pickaxes and Emotes

On top of the new outfits found in the game files, Fortnite fans also found some new pickaxes and emotes.

Out of the pickaxes, there are a total of three that were found in the game files. These include the Pick Squeak, Empire Axe, and Spade pickaxes. You can see them in the image below, labeled from left to right.

The new emotes found in the game files include a ‘Flippin Sexy’ emote, a ‘Reanimated’ emote, and a ‘Make it Rain’ emote.

Three new emotes found within Fortnite's game files.

Again, we want to reiterate that none of these new items are confirmed to be coming to Fortnite. They were simply found within the game files after the latest update. To learn more about the v3.1.0 patch notes, be sure to head over to our original post on the update to see what has changed.


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