Darksiders II is just over two weeks away from release, and we personally can’t wait to enter the realm of Death and rip a few bad guys apart.  But while we patiently wait for THQ’s heavily anticipated sequel, we’ve learned of a new feature that will definitely make the game more social than the first.  Say hello to the Tomes system.

This system, first revealed this morning, will allow you to use an in-game mailing system to get in touch with your friends.  Not only can you send them notifications, but you can actually set up trades for items that you find in the game, including weapons and armor.  In return, they’ll send you items that you can add to your arsenal, which you can use to cut enemies to pieces throughout your journey.

This definitely beats having to deal with an online bartering system, as well as a lobby trying to find that one perfect weapon that’ll suit you well.  We’re eager to give it a go, even if we end up with Horse Armor somewhere down the road.  (We’re KIDDING, people.  It’s not included.)

Look for Darksiders II on August 14th for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3, and later on for the Wii U!