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Darksiders E3 2019 Reveal Reportedly Happening

by Liana Ruppert

According to a recent leak, THQ Nordic has plans for a Darksiders E3 2019 reveal with for a game reportedly called Darksiders Genesis. Despite the mixed reaction that Darksiders 3 saw, the franchise as a whole is wildly beloved, making the news of a possible new game exciting for long-time fans. 

The Darksiders leak was a part of a bigger leak that included Darksiders: Genesis, Destroy All Humans, Desperados, Monster Jam, BioMutant, and Monkey King? 

The fact that previous entries into the Darksiders franchise have been numerical, the name Genesis seems to suggest that this could be something else entirely – perhaps a spin-off or an alternate take. It will be interesting to see what THQ has up their sleeves, especially since it’s been confirmed that they have a whopping 50 unannounced titles currently in the works. 

It is important to remember though, and this is something we say with all leaks and rumors, that no matter how compelling the evidence is it’s important to take every little tid-bit with a grain of salt until the studios themselves actually make the official announcement. With E3 less than 3 weeks away, we’ll be learning something more official here soon enough! 

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