Many people lost their jobs when THQ dissolved as an entity, but one of the bigger tragedies is what happened at Vigil.  Not only did the studio itself not find a bidder during the bankruptcy auction, neither did it's IP Darksiders.

Now many of the key people who worked at Vigil have been hired by Crytek to form a new studio Crytek USA.  However, current CEO of Crytek USA would like to get the Darksiders IP back, even if Crytek currently has no plans for the franchise.

"Going to bid on Darksiders IP," tweeted Adams. "Put 7 years of heart and soul into that franchise, and I think it belongs at home with its creators."

When asked about it, Vigil co-founder Ryan Stefanelli said that the company will be gunning for the Darksiders franchise during the April 1 auction. "When the Darksiders IP goes up for auction, Crytek will be bidding for it," he said to Destructoid. "Not much more to say since the rest is left up to courts and legal shenanigans, but we're all excited at the prospect."

This may not guarantee anything cool like a Darksiders III, but we can always hope!