Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough: Forest of Fallen Giants – How to Find The Last Giant

Explore the Forest of the Fallen Giants in search of the first boss battle in part three of Prima’s complete Dark Souls 2 walkthrough.

Continue your journey with Prima’s Dark Souls 2 Guide and Walkthrough!

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Once inside Dark Souls 2‘s Forest of the Fallen Giants, head down the river to find another Lifegem on the right. On the right is a small alcove with a bonfire. Make your way to the end of the river to find another Soul of a Lost Undead. Continue up the path to the corridor, then up the ladder at the end. Take out the enemies and pick up the Lifegem and Broken Straight Sword items scattered about. Watch out for the enemy shooting arrows above and head through the opening in the wall to find a ladder just beyond. Ignore the white knight for the time being, but when you’re strong enough (or if you want to be adventurous), you can take him down to obtain a Heide Knight Sword.

Head up the ladder to find two enemies waiting around the corner. This is a narrow area, which means it may be difficult to attack the enemies. Retreat back to the ladder if you need more room to work with. Kill the two enemies, then head around the stairs and across the area, taking a right at the small fork. Pick up the Soul of a Nameless Soldier item, then follow the left path to take down the archer just ahead.

Pick up the Shortsword and Soul of a Lost Undead at the end of the path. Head back down to the area below and go through the mist. Go left at the first intersection and watch out for the enemy who attacks as you round the next corner. Take out the three enemies ahead, then pick up the Wood Bolt in the room on the right, behind the barrels in the corner.

Continue down the hallway and up the stairs. Watch out for the archer and the bomb thrower at the top of the stairs. On one end of the area is another ladder. On the opposite side a Buckler can be found. When you approach the item, another enemy attacks, so be careful.

Head up the ladder on the opposite end, then run to the far side to find a Witching Urn and another enemy around the corner. Move back to the middle of the area and drop down where the ground and wall are broken. Drop down again and kill the two enemies below, then head to the far side to find another Human Effigy. To obtain the item, jump across the gap, or drop down below and use the ramp to make your way around to the item.

Use the tree to reach the Soul of a Lost Undead and Torch items just below. Head down to the ground level and make your way across to find three more Lifegems. Head into the cave in the middle of the area to find the Soul of a Proud Knight item, but watch out for the two enemies that attack from behind.

Wait for the fire to clear, then quickly open the door to the left and open the coffer to find a Fire Longsword. Head back up the tree and through the hole in the wall to reach the stairway that leads back up to the top of the area. Climb up the ladder and enter the door in the middle of the balcony on the right.

Head inside and light the bonfire. Access the store to the left if you have an excess of souls, then head down the ladder on the other side of the bonfire. Defeat the enemy that attacks when you reach the bottom. On one side is a door that cannot be opened from this side. Head in the other direction, defeat the second enemy and head up the stairs to cross over to the other side.

Defeat the enemy, then pick up the Soul of a Lost Undead in the corner. The door here is locked, so head back over the stairs, through the doorway to the right, defeat the enemy and continue through the mist.

Run across the tree to the wall and drop down to the wooden platform below. Head into the structure, defeat the enemies, then pick up the Torch in the corner. Drop down near the doorway where you entered the structure, then climb the ladder to the platform above. Head up the ramp and over the rooftop, taking down the enemies as you progress.

Jump over to the platform ahead, take down the enemy, then head to the right and drop down to the next platform. Move over to the opening at the end of the platform and ease your way in. Do not move at full speed until the giant boulder passes. Once the danger is clear, head inside to find another Human Effigy. Turn around and head up the corridor to the right. Speak to Cale, the man near the top, until you obtain the House Key (for use in Majula)), then head to the left to pick up the Amber Herb at the end  of the corridor.

Head back out of the cave the same way you came in, and climb the ladder to the left. Move down the path, taking out the enemy near the end, then drop down to the left and go up the ramp to the roof of the house again. Move to the left side of the house and drop down to the wooden platform below that makes up the floor of the house. Be careful when you drop to make sure you don’t miss the platform.

Take the ramp at the end of the house down to the grass below. Head all the way across the grassy area to find another Titanite Shard near the gate. Head back up the small ramp and around to the left to reach the ladder. Climb back up to the top, then take the large tree up to the very top of the area. Defeat the enemies to the left and head up the ladder to take out the enemy above.

Drop back down and continue to the end of the path. There are several barrels here, with two more enemies below and to the right. Lure one of the enemies up to the barrels and wait until they attack, then dodge away. Their attack makes the barrels explode, which opens the wall ahead allowing for easy passage to and from the bonfire.

Defeat both enemies, then make your way down the ladder ahead. Go down the stairs and turn around to find a Green Blossom behind the stairs.  Just ahead, there’s an opening in the wall on the right. Inside are several crossbows that fire shortly after you enter. Walk in, then immediately back out to avoid the crossbow fire. Several enemies follow you out. Take them down, then head back inside the room to find a Great Soul Arrow, a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and a Blue Wooden Shield.

Head down the ladder just behind the crossbows to find a coffer in the middle of the room below. When you open the coffer it emits a cloud of poison, so be sure you’re ready to combat the effects. Inside the coffer is a Titanite Shard. In the corner of the room is a mechanism shaped like a face that requires the Pharros’ Lockstone. Remember this location for later.

Climb back up the stairs and head out of the room and straight ahead. Watch out for the fire bomber above and head through the doorway to the right, before you reach the enemy ahead. Head through the next doorway to find a Large Soul of a Lost Undead behind the Giant-like tree. Turn around and climb the ladder on the left, then head down the path to find a Light Crossbow on the right. Continue through the door at the end. Head through the corridor and drop down into the area on the right.

Take out the three enemies below, then open the coffer at the end to find a Mail Breaker and Infantry Helm. Drop down to the area below to find yourself back in the courtyard. If the turtle-like enemy engages you, you can take him on the traditional way, or to make it easier on yourself, run back to the room with the crossbows and use them to quickly defeat the enemy.

Head back up the ladder, then drop down into the broken part of the path to the left. Use the makeshift ramp to climb back up the other side and destroy the wooden cart. Head through the window at the end of the path and defeat the three enemies in the hallway just beyond.

Make your way down the stairs and take down the three enemies that wait at the bottom. Pick up the item at the bottom of the stairs to obtain three Aromatic Ooze. Continue down the hall and through the doorway to the right. Engage the three enemies in the courtyard ahead, then travel all the way back to where you encountered the turtle-like enemy.

Continue past where the turtle-like enemy was originally positioned and head into the corridor beyond. There are stairs to the right and two enemies to the left. Take down the enemies, then head a little farther down to take out one more enemy and pick up two Amber Herbs. Before you climb up the large stone sword next to the item, make your way up the stairs on the opposite end to find a Lifegem and Homeward Bone.

Head up the stone sword and take out the two enemies (knocking them off the sword is the easiest path to victory), then pick up the item at the end to obtain a Halberd and another Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Go back down the sword and through the mist ahead.

Go into the next room on the right. If you enter the room with a torch in hand, the bug on the floor scurries off. However, if you enter the room in darkness, you can kill the bug to obtain a Titanite Shard. Take out the bug and the enemy, then head down the stairs to find a Large Leather Shield and Lifegem. Head out of the room and proceed down to the far right to find 10 Fire Arrows near the end. The door just ahead leads back to the ladder just below the bonfire. Open it so you have easy access in the future.

Step onto the lift ahead to ride it down, then head into the corridor. Take out the enemy near the end, then proceed into the mist ahead to engage in a boss battle against the Last Giant.

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