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Dark Horse Games Division Revealed, Leveraging IP for AAA Games

by Lucas White

This morning sure is off to an interesting start. From a press release, Dark Horse Comics has announced a new videogame development and publishing division. Aptly labeled Dark Horse Games, the company plans to develop AAA games in-house as well as license Dark Horse’s huge IP library with offices in both Oregon and Shanghai.

Dark Horse Comics is a significant house of IP, being the long time publisher of comics history. Some prominent examples include Hellboy, Sin City, The Umbrella Academy and more. Dark Horse itself has also been a powerful presence in licensed comics, and has already published books based on huge gaming series like Halo, Tomb Raider, Aliens, Fallout… the list goes on.

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The plan is to work with gaming studios externally to make games for PC, consoles and cloud services based on the company’s higher tier IP. Meanwhile, the in-house Dark Horse Games projects will be more about “refreshing older and less established IP as gaming first IPs.” Some of the in-house projects are already in development, while talks with outside studios are ongoing.

Dark Horse has also worked with companies like Square Enix and Nintendo to publish coffee table-style tomes like the Final Fantasy Ultimania series and the Hyrule Historia. Clearly, the folks who run Dark Horse are into videogames. Dark Horse also publishes legendary manga such as Berserk and Astro Boy. Obviously Dark Horse Games won’t be working with those IP, but its own in-house properties are just as varied.

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