Just because the holidays are coming up doesn't mean that you should stop dancing.  In fact, Harmonix insists otherwise.

The company has announced that it will release three new songs for its dance-packed Dance Central 3 for Xbox 360, starting on Christmas Day.

First up is a pair of Lady Gaga releases that will feature choreography similar to what the pop diva can do.  "Paparazzi" and "Alejandro" will release for 240 Microsoft points apiece ($3), or you can buy both for 400 Microsoft points ($5).

And what better way to ring in the New Year than with a party jam?  On January 1, LMFAO will release another song for the game, following its "Party Rock Anthem."  "Sorry For Party Rocking" will arrive in the store for 240 Microsoft points ($3), or you can buy it with "Party Rock" for 400 Microsoft points ($5).

We'll see you suckers on the dance floor.  We're the ones wearing platform shoes.  (Well, OK, John is, I'm wearing sneakers.)