With Cyberpunk 2077 news on the horizon for E3 2019, it's understandable that this particular style would be on everyone's minds. It appears that Blizzard isn't exempt from that, because Cyberpunk has officially invaded the world of Heroes of the Storm in the best way possible. 

The Cyberpunk invasion is thanks to the new Caldeum Complext Spring event that is live now and runs until the end of the month. You can check out the video below to see the new event in action with footage dripping with that familiar neon flair, action-packed danger, and the gameplay style that we know and love from the team over at Blizzard. 

"Welcome to the Caldeum Acropolis, 2103 AD," reads the event's reveal. "In a city bought and sold a hundred times over, cyberpunk heroes from a myriad of factions battle each other and the oppressive Jigoku Cybernetics Corporation. You'll be able to equip high-tech skins for Chromie, Kharazim, Lucio, and the Butcher, and complete quests to unlock Portraits, Sprays, Emoji, and a special Mount."

From themed skins, to exciting new mounts, there are a lot of reasons to dive right into the new Caldeum event for those that are fans of the Blizzard MOBA. Though the studio has cut back on the competitive scene for this game in addition to the much smaller team attached to it, it's nice to see that the updates are still flowing with quality changes being made to the online title. 

To learn more about the event, including the latest quests, character changes, and more, you can check out the full blog post from the Blizzard team right here

Heroes of the Storm is available now exclusively on PC through Battle.net.