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Cyanide Unveils Impire

by Prima Games Staff

The team that brought us the Game of Thrones role player released earlier this year has just announced a new strategy title by the name of Impire.

Impire is coming to PCs in Q1 2013 and follows the story of a lord called Báal-Abaddon trapped in the body of an imp.

Possessing the form of an imp is a major step down for Báal-Abaddon so it’s up to the player to build up his ranks once more. Báal-Abaddon does quickly climb to the top of the imp power ladder but there’s still a long way to go from there and this is where the player steps in. The game tasks players to build his empire back up again by commanding minions to protect and construct. Traps can be laid, spells can be cast and heroes crushed with a variety of upgradeable weapons.

There are multiplayer modes available (yay!) of the co-op and competitive varieties.

There’s an announcement trailer below.

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