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The Culling 2 is Out Now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

by Larryn Bell

Battle royale games have been the latest craze in gaming, with titles like PUBG and Fortnite leading the way as frontrunners. Now that battle royale games are dominating the gaming scene, it seems appropriate that developer Xaviant Games would release a sequel to their 2016 battle royale title, The Culling. 

Today, the Culling 2 got a surprise release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for players who are ready to dive back in to the deadly battle royale game show experience. To coincide with The Culling 2’s debut, Xaviant has released a new trailer to showcase what’s in store for the sequel, which you can watch below.

According to the game’s Steam page, The Culling 2 “expands on every aspect of its predecessor.” The arena has grown much larger in size, spanning over 20 square kilometers to accommodate the 50 contestants that drop into the map. 

While it doesn’t have the 100-player battles that players might be used to in other battle royale games, the increased player count in The Culling 2 should make for more fast-paced, intimate matches. To complement the established melee combat system, players also have a variety of firearms at their disposal, including 9mm pistols and sniper rifles. 

The Culling is available for $19.99 USD on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam). Stay tuned for more updates on The Culling 2, including guide coverage. 

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