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CS2 Has Been Out for An Hour and xQc Has Already Unboxed a Knife

Where's my luck like that?

CS2 (Counter-Strike 2) is finally available for everyone to play! While a large portion of the playerbase has had access to the game’s beta through invitations sent out fairly frequently, the game is available for everyone now with its overhauled maps, new smoke systems, and a ton of other big changes. Yet, while many things change, some things remain ever-traditional. After just an hour of the game being available for everyone, Twitch/Kick streamer xQc has already managed to unbox a knife.

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As he tends to do quite frequently on his stream, xQc was gambling in celebration of CS2’s official launch with a handful of the game’s cases (loot boxes, for the otherwise unaware). Fairly quickly into it, he was opening a Chroma 2 Case when he hit the coveted yellow item, unboxing a beautifully blue Karambit Doppler. Best of all, it came in at a 0.06 float, making it land barely in the Factory New category.

If you aren’t well-versed in the Counter-Strike market, a Karambit Dopper may as well be like hitting a jackpot. On either Steam or a third-party website, you could sell a Karambit Doppler for somewhere around $1800, which is insane to think about. Given how much he’s spent on cases, though, that isn’t as much of a profit as you might be led to believe.

Surprisingly, xQc wasn’t the only one to open up a quick knife. Another Twitter user by the name of @davd_CS managed to pick up a Survival Knife Crimson Web from an early case. While it’s hard to tell in the video, that knife goes for somewhere within the $500-1000 range, depending on its float value.

It goes without saying that these two are swimming in cash right now, and by god, am I jealous. I’ve opened a few knives in my day and have yet to get one. Maybe just five more cases will do it…

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