The talk for Timesplitters 4 just won’t die down.  Just days after we reported that some die-hard fans have started a petition to bring back the quirky first-person shooter, Crytek CEO Cevan Yerli, talking to VideoGamer, decided to express his concern for the franchise.  He stated that he actually wanted the company to develop it, stating, “I love the idea, I love the brand, I love everything – but the publishers don’t.”  He also feels like he doesn’t “want to spend (Crytek’s) money on the project in a retail business.”

So, does that mean Timesplitters 4 is dead once and for all?  Hold the phone.  He said that the possibility of the game becoming a free-to-play title could be a very good one, especially with the launch of a similar business model that will take place after the release of Crysis 3 early next year.

What about GFACE, Crytek’s custom-made streaming service?  Yeril stated, “I love the picture of a Timesplitters running on GFACE.”  And he also stated that the fans shouldn’t stop speaking up about it.  “If we get enough fans, being loud enough, the Yeti can come back, on GFACE.”

So keep up your campaign, you crazy fans.  It appears to be leaving some sort of effect…even if it’s not entirely the one you were expecting.  Hey, we’ll take it!