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Crysis 3 Beta Attracts Over Three Million Downloads

by Prima Games Staff

Crysis 3 is wanted by a whole lot of people – at least, judging by the numbers that came from the recent beta.

According to Electronic Arts, who will be releasing the game next week, Crysis 3’s recent open beta, which was available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, has managed to attract over three million downloads – an unprecedented number compared to what most betas run.  The demo, which was made available for free, featured plenty of multiplayer match-ups, and introduced would-be participants to the cool weapons you’ll be able to use in the Crysis universe.

That holds a lot of promise for the final game, which will boast a huge multiplayer world to take advantage of, as well as a single-player campaign that’ll put your finest skills to the test.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to have a Tek-Bow on hand.  You know, for long-range encounters.

Crysis 3 will release this Tuesday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as PC.  If you’re into quality first-person shooters, you’ll definitely want to pre-order it.