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Could Yu Suzuki Be Turning To KickStarter For Shenmue 3?

by Prima Games Staff

It’s been ages since there’s been anything new for the Shenmue franchise, which got its start on the Sega Dreamcast years ago before eventually moving to the Xbox for the sequel, Shenmue II.  The tale, which involves the mysterious search for a killer and the quick-time event oriented action sequences that follow, hasn’t quite been the financial success that Sega was looking for, though the games have remained cult hits over the years.

Now, Yu Suzuki, the legendary producer behind the series (as well as Virtua Fighter) may be turning to KickStarter to get the third (and possibly final) chapter of the saga into motion.  Suzuki recently revealed to French reporter Sebastien-Abdelhamid that he’s considering turning to the funding site to earn some money to put the third game into development.

Though his French Twitter site, Sebastien-Abdelhamid stated that Suzuki wasn’t just considering the idea for a game, but maybe even an anime or manga series that world wrap up the storyline in style.

There’s no official word on when he would start the campaign, or if it would even get off the ground in the first place, as it would take a lot to convince Sega at this point.

We’ll keep you posted once something becomes official.  In the meantime, check out the first two games if you’re curious…

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