The first bits of proper DLC have finally been announced and dated for 1st May for SSX in the form of a Classic Characters Pack and a Mt. Eddie Pack.

The announcement comes after hints last week from EA in the form of puzzle pieces sent to fan sites. They showed Elise Riggs in her classic costume navigating her way down a neon-covered course complete with splatterings of fireworks in the sky. It looked like the classic SSX many remember with so much joy.

SSX Puzzle hint

Mt. Eddie has been updated and includes “an over the top Tricky-inspired, ultra-long track”. It comes complete with nine drops, retro music and two tunes from older SSX titles.

The Classic Characters Pack gives you seven classic characters from SSX to add ro your roster, each with their own unique snowboard and a wardrobe of outfits.

They’ll be priced at $6 each or $8 for a combo pack.