Childe’s Teacher Skirk Teased in New Genshin Impact 4.2 Trailer

One more character to look out for.

Genshin Impact Skirk 4.2

Another long-teased character in Genshin Impact has finally been given a face. Childe’s original mentor, Skirk, was briefly shown in the latest trailer for the 4.2 version and has stirred up the community with her stunning looks and unexpected reveal.

Skirk is shown for a split second during the trailer, giving a quick glimpse at the camera before vanishing forever. We had confirmation of that person being her, thanks to a later Twitter announcement, including her VA’s name.

The most information we had on her until now was given by Childe’s character stories, where he mentioned her training him during his time in the Abyss. And given how strong that man is in lore, his master should be no pushover either.

Based on Childe’s recent dialogue in the Fontaine Archon Quests, she may be somehow involved with the imminent threat to the nation and the new Weekly Boss, the All-Devouring Narwhal. More should be revealed as the update arrives, but we’re merely waiting for any updates now.

In a classical Hoyoverse moment, fans have noted her similarities with Jingliu from Honkai: Star Rail, recently featured in the limited banners. But there’s no confirmation whatsoever for Skirk to become playable herself yet. We know that’s probably happening someday, but it might not be as soon as in the Fontaine patches, so it might be better to keep expectations low for now.

The 4.2 live stream also confirmed the upcoming character banners as containing the Hydro Archon Furina and a rerun for Baizhu, with Cyno and Ayato returning briefly in the second half of the update. We’re also getting some brand-new areas and even more bosses in the overworld to face. Genshin Impact 4.2 version “Masquerade of the Guilty” will hit live servers on November 7th.

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