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Cheaper Nintendo Switch Model Reportedly Coming This June

by Liana Ruppert

Nintendo Switch has been a smashing success ever since it launched with more third-party support than ever before, and a rapidly growing library that offers a little something for everyone. Earlier this month there was a report that two Nintendo Switch models are on the way, one of them being a cheaper option, and now a new report has come forward that suggests we could be getting the more affordable model as soon as June. 

The smaller, cheaper Nintendo Switch model is reportedly coming this June and is meant to replace the 3DS handheld, a handheld that has diminished in value due to the Switch’s portability. According to Bloomberg’s sources, Nintendo is aiming to capitalize on the momentum from their Tencent distribution announcement and in doing so, will aim to have the smaller model out just in time for E3. 

There is also a massive report stating that a more expensive “upgraded” version of the Nintendo Switch is also on the way, though that isn’t expected to see a 2019 release. Still, just as with any other leak, rumor, report – take everything said not by Nintendo themselves with a grain of salt. E3 is just around the corner and there’s rumored to be a pretty hefty Nintendo Direct ahead of this year’s expo – it’s very possible we will learn more then just as with the original Nintendo Switch reveal. 

It will be interesting to see where the Switch goes from here. The hybrid platform has proven itself to be a huge comeback platform for Nintendo following the Wii U’s failture and it’s good to see the Big N once more as an active competitor with fellow gaming giants Sony and Microsoft. 

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