It's time, The Last of Us fans! Another Outbreak Day is upon us and the team over at Naughty Dog are ramping up for another incredible celebration - one that all fans can enjoy! This just may be the biggest Outbreak Day yet for Last of Us fans with special offers like a new Ellie statue, a free PS4 theme, and more! 

Following the heartwrenching new trailer we received earlier this week, Naughty Dog has a ton of new goodies for fans of this iconic world drenched in the blood of fallen friends and bodies of defeated clickers. From an incredible cosplay guide seen here, to a completely free Last of Us Part II PS4 theme with Ellie front and center, there are tons of ways to celebrate the upcoming release of the highly anticipated sequel.

There's even a contest to win a signed poster from the team over at Naughty Dog, "Beginning on October 1, all you have to do is fire up The Last of Us Remastered, capture your Photo Mode masterpiece, and share it with us via and include your name, address, and date of birth for a chance to win. We’ll be selecting one winner a week every Friday from October 4 to November 1 and feature the winners on Naughty Dog’s social media channels."

New to the series and are unsure what the Outbreak Day even is? According to the dev team, "In the world of The Last of Us, September 26 marks the day the cordyceps fungus hit critical mass: it is known as Outbreak Day. Since 2013, Naughty Dog has used Outbreak Day as a way to celebrate our incredible community by releasing new and exclusive items, content, and special promotions. Scroll down and check out our biggest release of content so far to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Outbreak Day!"

Learn more about what freebies await right here from the team itself over at As for The Last of Us Part II, the sequel arrives on February 21, 2020.