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God of War Director Weighs In On ‘The Last of Us Part 2’ Backlash

by Liana Ruppert

God of War Director Weighs In On ‘The Last of Us Part 2’ Backlash

Laura Bailey voices Abby in the Last of Us Part II and this character has been in the spotlight of controversy since day one. The controversy surrounding Abby is nothing short of ridiculous but what’s even more outlandish is the fact that Laura Bailey, the woman that voices the character and did not create her, is getting vicious death threats for her portrayal of the character. Naughty Dog issued a statement against the abuse almost immediately, but it looks like God of War director Cory Barlog also had a few thoughts on the matter. 

Whereas many industry folks weighed in with more subtle messaging, Barlog held nothing back with his response: 

Devs of all kinds getting death threats is nothing new; Hell, even us media get this sort of backlash on the daily, but as the industry undergoes its own metamorphosis due to the most recent Me Too movement, many areas of toxicity are now back under the spotlight in need of change. 

Here’s the thing, and a reason we’ve listed this as a feature and not news: death threats are never OK. No amount of excuses, justifications, or petty self-righteous will ever make death threats against game creators OK. If you do this: stop. These are people that have pursued their passion and are creating stories that they are proud of. The world does not revolve around you, nor will it ever revolve around you, and if a game isn’t your cup of tea? Well, good thing there is literally millions of other titles to choose from. 

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To learn more about our thoughts on the game, you can read our full review right here with a small blurb below: 

The Last of Us Part II is equally brutal, lovely, heartwrenching, and almost numbing. It’s a game that, for me, recquired me to take a step back and “right” my mind. It makes you feel in the moment, which for a game like this with such heavy themes is terrifying at times.

Overall, while The Last of Us Part II did fall short in several key ways in relation to its predecessor, this is a game that is stunning and will absolutely cement itself as one of those tales that will always keep a special place in the hearts of gamers for a long time after its launch. It’s an incredible continuation that stood on its own legs, for better or worse. It’s a stunning game we can’t recommend enough, just know that it will affect you in ways you may need to prepare for.

As for the game itself, the highly anticipated sequel is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4. 

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