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Cave Story Creator’s Other Projects Coming To the 3DS eShop

by Prima Games Staff

Cave Story has become a little independent favorite for 3DS owners when it initially released a couple of years back, and it also did rather well when it was re-released as a full-o retail release, with beautiful 3D backgrounds and a huge world to explore.  But if you think that Story is all there is to designer Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, you have another thing coming.  He’s actually worked on a number of other projects, and now a couple of them will finally see the light in the 3DS eShop this year.

The first game, Ikachan, puts players in control of a silent squid, moving around through an underwater cave, trying to find a way out.  The second game, Guxt, is simpler in context, a vertically scrolling shooter with challenges galore.  Both games have a certain level of quirkiness, and should be a rather interesting fit to Cave Story fans.

Nicalis will be releasing both games on the 3DS eShop before summer hits, with Ikachan set to arrive on January 31st and Guxt sometime after that.

Prima Games Staff

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