Konami’s Castlevania legacy will no doubt continue on in some form, and while we keep hoping that a sequel to Lords of Shadow will be announced, another project has surfaced that could be bringing the series to the 3DS.

According to Dutch site N1netndo, a new Castlevania game called Mirror of Faith is set to be announced for the handheld.  And while Konami didn’t confirm the title as of yet, we did see that David Cox, the man who helped produce the MercurySteam-powered Lords of Shadow, is behind the project.

With him on board there’s a possibility that the game will play out in 3D rather than traditional 2D as with most of the handheld Castlevania adventures.  This’ll be an interesting twist on the legacy, not to mention a standout title that will take advantage of Nintendo’s 3D format.

We’ll see if the game is confirmed once E3 arrives in a couple of weeks.