The Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter fund managed to muster up 156% from supporters, cementing a release on Linux and Mac.

UK Studio Stainless Games set the bar at $400,000 and managed to go high enough to reach $625,143 after a 30-day campaign.

As is the nature of Kickstarter projects, there’s a multitude of rewards offered to backers depending on the tier opted for. These range from t-shirts to posters, models of the cars from the game to a chance to appear in the game itself as a (likely doomed) pedestrian. The top tier offered the opportunity to appear in the game as a playable driver character with a car you designed yourself. There were three of these rewards available, priced at the tidy sum of $10,000 and, amazingly, they all sold.

Stainless co-founder and CEO released a statement saying: "This result is way beyond our expectations, and shows again how fantastic this crowd funding model can be for the independent developer.

"We're so pleased to have been one of the band of pioneering videogame studios on Kickstarter. It shows what a fantastic opportunity this is for both the indie studios and gamers alike."

Neil “Nobby” Barnden, also a Stainless co-founder chimed in, adding: "We want to thank all of our backers for making the last month so exciting and such a huge success. Interacting directly with the people pledging money to see our project come to fruition has been a fantastic experience. We'd recommend it to any studio out there who might be thinking of taking the plunge into a Kickstarter campaign themselves… It's mad, it's exhausting, but SO rewarding."