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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season Six Trailer & Release Date

by Jesse Vitelli

Modern Warfare has been a massive success for the Call of Duty franchise this year, especially with the free-to-play battle royale Warzone. Now it’s time to gear up for the sixth season of content.

While Infinity Ward hasn’t provided its roadmap for the season quite yet, it did release a brand new trailer hinting at some new stuff coming to Warzone. 

First and most prominent are the two new operators joining the multiplayer fight. You might remember Nikolai and Farah from the campaign, and it seems like they are finally entering the fray.

The trailer shows both characters sneaking their way around a mostly abandoned subway tunnel. It’s a pretty clear hint that some form of the metro system is being implemented into Warzone. Later at the end of the trailer, it’s pretty much cemented when it shows the different subway lines across the Warzone map.

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This wouldn’t be the first time Warzone has added a transportation system to the game. Just last season it added a large moving train that players use to get around the map.

Season Six of Modern Warefare will launch on September 29, so the wait to see what’s new won’t be too much longer. It should only be a few more days before Infinity Ward releases the content roadmap for Season Six. 

This is probably the last big season for Modern Warfare before the release of Black Ops Cold War. We’re still curious to see what changes that transition will bring, but for the time being, subway tunnels seem cool.

The Battle Pass will cost players 1,100 Cod Points, which is roughly $10. This is the primary way to unlock the new Operators and a ton of cosmetic items for your weapons, vehicles, and player.

As for what Season Six will bring to the standard multiplayer experience still remains to be seen. In more recent seasons the focus has switched to supporting Warzone, making sense considering how popular the mode has become.

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