When Tencent announced they were launching a Call of Duty mobile game, the hardcore gamer crowd was quick with their eyerolls - admittedly including me. Then it launched and pretty much set the mobile world on fire with a glowing amount of praise online. Now the team is celebrating yet another major milestone with over 100 million downloads since the game's launch at the beginning of the month.  

The latest report comes from Sensor Tower analytics regarding both iOS and Android downloads, marking it the largest mobile game launch in history. Here are some other interesting stats regarding the launch in comparison to similar releases within their first week (in terms of f2p console release): 

  • PUBG 26.3 million players
  • Fortnite 22.5 million players
  • Apex Legends 25 million players

I played a few rounds when it first launched, though I swear I'm playing against bots because I've absolutely dominated in every single round. MVP after MVP, which was strange but I'll take the ego boost where I can get it. That, and I really haven't been able to put it down which I quickly found out is awkward when I forgot to silence my phone and gunshots sounded out in a very quiet restaurant. 

Thomson Ji, Vice President of Tencent's TiMi Studios recently told Bloomberg, "“We’re committed to developing games to target global markets. Call of Duty is very influential globally and we hope this game can help us reach hundreds of millions of mobile gamers overseas.”

“This is a particularly strong launch for the action genre on mobile and mobile games in general,” added Sensor Tower's head of mobile insights, Randy Nelson. “I can tell that Tencent has incorporated what it learned in the development of PUBG Mobile here.”

It will be interesting to see what these strong mobile release numbers mean for other AAA franchises. It does beg the question though: If you could have any game ported over into a mobile experience, what would it be? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames.

H/T Charlie Intel