Call of Cthulu, a turn-based strategy RPG is now available, developer Red Wasp has announced.

The game’s inspired by HP Lovecraft, costs $4.99 and can be bought at Google Play and at a later date will be available at the Amazon Android Store.

To play the game you’ll need to have Android OS version 2.3 (or Gingerbread if you prefer the sweet-toothed OS pseudonyms), OpenGL ES 2.0 and a touch screen. The devs have run the game on a multitude of different devices and expressed confidence that most people shouldn’t run into any trouble with the game on their tablet or phone.

Tomas Rawlings, the game’s designer came said "We've had a huge demand from fellow gamers for Cthulhu to spawn onto Android, so we're really excited to be able to deliver on our promise today."

Red Wasp Design partnered up with Chaosium, publishers of the Call of Cthulu paper role-playing game to create this video game edition. The title includes nine 3D World War 1 trenches.