Cadence of Hyrule Is Getting 3 New DLC Packs, Including New Characters Available Today

Five new characters are making their way downtown, walking fast to Cadence of Hyrule alongside 3 total DLC packs.

Five new characters are making their way downtown, walking fast to Cadence of Hyrule alongside 3 total DLC packs. During this week’s Nintendo Direct Mini, it was revealed that the rhythm game is adding five new characters on the way including Aria, Fredrick, Impa, Shadow Link, and Shadow Zelda

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The new characters arrive today on July 20th and will each have their own unique gameplay style to make them all valuable additions to the game. In a pack, players can get all five characters for $5.99, though this is only one part of the content drops on the way for the game.

The newly revealed Melody Pack will also allow for new music to be added to the game, including 39 new songs. According to Nintendo, “Players can change the background music at any time so they can listen to their favorite songs while journeying through Hyrule.” Like the character pack, this DLC is also $5.99 and will be arriving this October. 

Nintendo also revealed the third DLC content pack arriving called Symphony of the Mask and this particular experience will allow players to transform into Skull Kid. Even better, players can tweak their powers with this character by alternating which mask he is donning for each instance. Like the Melody Pack, this DLC will also feature new music, which will retail for $9.99 and will also be arriving in October alongside the Melody Pack.

Want everything? We get it! Then make sure to scoop up the Season Pass that includes all of the above DLC for $14.99 total. There’s an additional incentive to go Season Pass as well, because this option will also reward players with new consumers for Zelda and our beloved Link.

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Check out the other announcements from the Direct Mini below:

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