Ready to dive right into the world of Destiny 2? Now you can literally do just that (sort of) with these newly licensed boots. The Destiny 2 x Palladium collaboration made its debut on the official Bungie Store socials and they are very ... interesting looking but one of those designs where the longer we look at it, the more we want it. 

The reactions were mixed, but the excitement that was there was definitely there, which means the pre-order date for Thursday will be a busy queue indeed.

The swanky new boots will be officially up for pre-order on October 11 at 10AM PDT on both the Bungie main store and its EU counterpart. With Shadowkeep out now and the (very haunted) moon being the focal point, the grey colour choice was definitely a smart one. Of course it has the Destiny branding on it as well.

Though we don't have a set price on these bad boys, the Palladium boots normally cost around 100 USD, so the 150-175 USD price range wouldn't be that far out of the scope of reality. Assuming they don't sell out immediately, I'll probably scoop a pair of these up. They're dope and I'm a sucker for apparel that reps the games I'm currently playing and I've definitely gotten back into the heart of Destiny 2.