Halo Stats is no more, with a sad goodbye and a tear in their eye Bungie wave a farewell flag in the form of an immmense infographic.

"We have followed your careers with great interest here on Bungie.net, and you have gifted us a mountain of heroic moments to memorialize," community manager DeeJ wrote. "It is with a sense of awe that we step back and admire the impact that you have had on our games, and upon our studio. Thanks for sharing your stories with us."

It was back in September 2004 when the team began recording stats, two months before Halo 2's release on the Xbox.

Since then, there's been a truly stunning 20 billion Halo games played. Split up that makes 5.4 billion for Halo 2, 11.5 billion in Halo 3 and Halo: ODST plus 3.9 billion Halo Reach games.

The whole thing amasses to more than two billion hours, or 235,000 years, of people playing Halo, that's more than humans have been estimate to have been on the planet.

Halo: Reach was the last Halo Bungie would work on, with a new Activision-published project now on its way.

Microsoft's 343 Industries, now heads of the Halo world, have Halo 4 penned in for a holiday release this year.

'Bungie closes Halo stats with eye-popping infographic'