Bungie Finally Made the Most Wished-For Destiny 2 Exotic Catalyst Real

The bayonet is no longer for decorative purposes only.

There’s this gun in Destiny 2 with a comically-ornamental piece of hardware. I’m talking, of course, about Monte Carlo, with its bayonet. A bayonet that’s been stuck to the front of this beautiful Exotic auto rifle since its inception with nothing to do but look pretty. The community has asked again and again.. and again for an Exotic catalyst that would make use of this bayonet, similar to how Glaive melee behaves, and it seems that after a lot of undoubtedly hard work, Bungie have pulled it off.

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The Catalyst is coming in Season 22, launching next Tuesday and can likely be acquired similarly to others: as drops at the end of activities like those in the Vanguard playlist. The catalyst appears to let you “ready” the gun’s bayonet, then strike an enemy for massive melee damage. Here’s a video of the Catalyst in action.

In Bungie’s own words: Monte Carlo – We finally did it. It was mechanically the most complex catalyst we have ever done, requiring a host of custom animation work and a lot of things we have never done on a weapon before, but we hope you enjoy it!

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A lot of other Exotics are getting retooled as well, like Touch of Malice’s final round getting a significant 20% damage buff and a reduction to damage caused to the player. Finally, after earning it so long ago, I can take that thing out of the vault. If you’d like a full rundown of the weapon changes coming in Season 22, check out Bungie’s blog post here.

And if you’re looking to wrap up your Season of the Deep explorations, check out our guide on all the Deep Dive secrets while you wait for Season 22!

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