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Broforce Looks Like Fantastic Destructible Retro Fun

by Prima Games Staff

Retro shooter Broforce is coming to PC, and it’s not doing it quietly.

South African studio Free Lives is responsible for the creation of this balls-out loud and in your face 2D satirical shooter.

The game’s being developed by a South African studio by the name of Free Lives and in its appearance and gameplay seems to lie somewhere between Spelunky (destructible environments), Contra (destroy everything) and Terraria (lovely pixel art).

The title tasks players to work their way through a course of enemy settlements. As you might expect, these places aren’t left empty so there’s plenty o’ killing to be done.

You can destroy almost everything in Broforce, an appeal I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty much irresistible. Why not try out the demo? Just don’t blame us when you notice you’re late for everything you’re supposed to be doing.

Every stage you come across hides POWs, which grant you extra lives. At the end of every stage you’ll find a devil to kill and a spot just ripe for the placing of Old Glory herself. Once the flag’s down and the devil’s dead you’re riding off on a helicopter while everything blows up.

As novelties come, this one’s amazing: every time you kick the bucket you spawn as an action hero such as Blade, John Matrix, BA Baracus, John McClane or Chuck Norris. I’m not spoiling the parody names they’ve been given as they’re fantastic and featured in the video below.

There will be online co-op at some point but at the prototype is local-only. The graphics are getting a lick of pixel paint and there’ll be added dinos, aliens, vee-hickles, deathmatches and a level editor.

Free Lives, the aforementioned studio behind the game has submitted the game to Greenlight and is asking for your support. Go give it to ‘em if you think they’re worthy and the game could come to Steam.

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