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Both Spelunky Games Are Coming to Nintendo Switch

by Morgan Shaver

During the Nintendo Indie World Direct on December 15, a number of exciting announcements were made, including the news that Spelunky 1 and Spelunky 2 are coming to Nintendo Switch! The original Spelunky game is a beloved, classic indie from that initially released on PC back in 2008. 

The long-awaited sequel, Spelunky 2, released on September 15 of this year to high praise and even higher review scores. If you’ve been unable to play these games, we recommend checking them out on Nintendo Switch. Wondering when you’ll be able to do that exactly? Here’s what we know! 

Both Spelunky Games Are Coming to Nintendo Switch

Spelunky 1 and Spelunky 2 will be made available on Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021. An exact release date has yet to be provided, but the knowledge alone that you’ll be able to play these incredible indies on Switch is exciting in and of itself.

We’ve put a lot of time into the Spelunky games ourselves, and we feel the Nintendo Switch to be a perfect home for them. It’s honestly surprising the original game hasn’t been ported to Switch already.  

If you’ve never played a Spelunky game before, it’s worth mentioning prior to you purchasing them on Switch that they are designed to be challenging. As you work your way through roguelike, procedurally generated caverns and jungles, you’ll have to avoid dangers like large spiders, angry snakes, and deadly spike traps. 

If you’re playing with friends, you also have to avoid their missteps as well, such as them activating an arrow trap that misses them, but hits you instead. It can be frustrating, but the more you play, the better you get (it also helps that the game is incredibly addicting). 

Playing Spelunky with friends is one of the best ways to play the game as it can lead to a lot of hilarious, heated moments. According to reports, Spelunky will support local co-op on Switch while Spelunky 2 will support local and online co-op. 

If you aren’t keen on playing with friends, Spelunky 1 and 2 are great to play solo as you can challenge yourself to get farther and farther, and complete runs faster and faster. With the games being on Nintendo Switch, you can find a nice, cozy spot to sit down and concentrate while you put a few hours into the game in handheld mode. 

The choice is up to you, and you have a few good months to think about how you want to play Spelunky 1 and 2 before they release on Nintendo Switch. Again, both Spelunky games are scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021, an exact release date has yet to be provided.

Stay tuned as we’ll update you on the exact release date once it’s announced. Until then, are you excited that Spelunky 1 and 2 are coming to Nintendo Switch? Do you plan to play mostly solo, or with friends? Reach out to us on our Facebook and Twitter channels and let us know! 

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