Blizzard Reveals WoW Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Dungeons, Including Waycrest Manor & More.

The bestest best dungeon makes its return.

In a recent developer stream, the World of Warcraft team previewed the game’s next big content patch: Guardians of the Dream. Among other things, we’ve been given a list of the new Season 3 Mythic+ Dungeons, replacing the current lineup when the patch drops. Let’s take a peek at what we have to look forward to:

Image via World of Warcraft (YouTube)

Above is a list of all confirmed Mythic+ Dungeons dropping alongside Season 3. For the uninitiated – these are timed dungeons of varying difficulty with scaling rewards depending on their level. Each season brings a variety of current and returning dungeons (from past expansions), but with Season 3, we’re seeing a far higher ratio of revamped dungeons.

In fact, there are no Dragonflight launch dungeons at all – the only “current content” being the Dawn of the Infinite mega dungeon that was split in half for Mythic+. When old dungeons get revamped for seasons, they’re often given a bit of a visual touch-up (especially in terms of harmful spell effects), so it’ll be interesting to see some old favorites being brought up to snuff with the game’s current state.

Waycrest Manor is a personal favorite of mine, and while it was unfortunately crammed into the disappointing Battle For Azeroth expansion, it features some pretty exciting randomized routing and absolutely incredible haunted Victorian aesthetics.

It’s a first for WoW to have this many “old” dungeons as current content, but with such a rich variety to pull from; I can’t imagine anyone complaining about an excuse to revisit some expansions many players haven’t even gotten to experience. Time will tell how well these integrate into the current meta. Breaking things is half the fun, after all.

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