Ken Levine, in association with his team at Irrational Games, already proved his worth in the game industry with two of the most memorable first-person adventures in recent memory – Bioshock and its follow-up, Bioshock Infinite.  Now he's taking his skills to another realm – film – as he's signed on to pen a remake of a popular 70s movie.

Deadline confirmed that Levine will write the script for Warner Bros.' remake of the 70s classic Logan's Run.  Levine, who pursued a film screenwriter career before joining the games business, considers it a dream opportunity.  "I think the 10 year old me gave the 46 year old me a high five," he tweeted upon confirming the news.

No word if Levine will look to the 70s film for inspiration – or the original book, for that matter – but with his talent, you can expect plenty of surprises.  

BioShock Infinite is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.