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Bioshock: Infinite – Collectibles Guide – Part 1

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome to the beautiful and rich world of Columbia, America’s very own flying fortress of patriotism and faith. Don’t let the blue sky and stunning vistas fool you just yet, though, Columbia may be gorgeous on the outside but scrape beneath the surface and you see what a dark and disturbing place it is. On second glance you can see the corruption, the hate and the zealous fanaticism within the inhabitants of Columbia as clear as day. But that’s for another day! In this piece I’m going to walk you through how to find not only the kinetoscopes and telescopes to gaze upon Columbia itself, but also how to grab all those pesky voxophones so you can learn more about what’s going on within the floating city. Whether you like glorious views, unravelling narrative or simply achievements/trophies, follow this series to get whatever you’re after while having a blast on the way!

Voxophone 1/80

After completing the lighthouse sequence you’ll find yourself in some rather atmospheric church-like hallways with gloriously lit stained glass windows. Upon leaving the pod and following the corridors, you’ll find a large statue of the game’s bearded antagonist, Comstock. Turn left here to find a shrine-esque area for Lady Comstock. On the right side of the room, beneath a portrait of Lady Comstock, you will find the first voxophone.

Voxophone 1

Sightseer 1/37

After being baptised and waking up inside the city itself, travel through the garden and through a set of doors. You will find yourself before a large statue of Father Comstock once again. To the right you will see a store named “Hudson’s”. Within there you will find the first kinetoscope.

Sightseer 1

Voxophone 2/80

After the previously mentioned kinetoscope, still within the Hudson’s store, simply pop over behind the counter to find a safe with a voxophone beside it.

Voxophone 2

Sightseer 2/37

Continue on through the city until you find a large grocery store to your right, in front of you will be a large poster warning of the false shepherd seeking to lead the lamb astray. Just to the right of this, will be a kinetoscope.

Voxophone 3/80

Immediately after the kinetoscope beside the false shepherd image, turn to your left and go up the stairs in front of you. Turn right outside the store and in front of you in the garden area, beneath an umbrella, you’ll find a voxophone.

Voxophone 3

Sightseer 3/37

A little further into the game you’ll be greeted by a young boy giving DeWitt a telegram telling him not to pick #77. Right after this turn left to find a telescope.

Sightseer 3

Sightseer 4/37

After the previous telescope, go right and follow the path up the sets of stairs. You’ll be faced with a small stage where there is a demonstration and pitch of vigors. Directly opposite the stage against the wall is the next kinetoscope.

Sightseer 4

Voxophone 4/80

Progress through the level and you’ll soon come across a wonderful view where a building is decorated with large balloon characters and a little further you’ll be prompted to look at a statue that is undergoing a rather strange surge of some sort. A voxophone is at the foot of the statue on a bench beside a teddy of the Songbird.

Voxophone 4

Voxophone 5/80

After the rather nasty business at the raffle continue onwards, defeating any police in your way. You’ll very soon come across a vending machine besides two cages; you will find a voxophone between the cages.

Voxophone 5

Sightseer 5, 6 & 7/37

Sometime after the last voxophone you’ll leave that area and find yourself within the Blue Ribbon. Right in the door at the start of the area you are faced with three kinetoscopes. Be sure to interact with all three if you’re after achievements or trophies!

Sightseer 567

Voxophone 6/80

After walking through the bar and receiving your shield you can enter the kitchen behind the bar. A voxophone can be found on the left hand side right on a countertop as you enter the kitchen. This one is tough to miss!

Voxophone 7/80   

Progress through the level, at one point you’ll have to fight a number of police and some turrets on rooftops. At one point you’ll find a rooftop with some skylight-resembling glass, break through these into the room below. Look for a door that leads to a staircase and follow the stairs down. You’ll come to a point where there are some stairs leading down to your right and a bathroom on the left. Head past the bathroom and stairs to the bedroom just beyond them and on the bookcase to the left is a voxophone.

Voxophone 7

Voxophone 8/80

You will soon find yourself in a large printing press area where the police are searching for you. Once you leave this place you will be attacked by various enemies. Dispatch them all swiftly and return to the doors where you left the printing press room. Face out through the door and in front of you should be a small stage with a banner that reads “Wild West Show”. A voxophone can be found on the stage.

Voxophone 8

Sightseer 8/37

Stand facing the stage and turn right to find some stairs. Head up the stairs and on the right, backed up against a stall, is a kinetoscope.

Voxophone 9/80

Follow the flow of the level and you will soon find yourself in the premises of a mysterious lodge with some pretty radical views on Abraham Lincoln. Soon within the building you’ll find yourself before a large statue of John Wilkes Booth. Turn left and go through the doorway to find the voxophone on the bar.

Voxophone 9

Voxophone 10/80

Advance through the building and you will find a large room where some sort of worship meeting is taking place between some hooded members of the lodge in front of a horrendous mural taking up the wall at the front of the room. Opposite the mural are some pews/benches where a voxophone can be located.

Voxophone 10

Voxophone 11/80

Shortly after the room with the mural and the pews, you will come across a room with a large circular table that has a projector running on top of it. Go left through the archway and go right, there’s a voxophone on the far desk.

Voxophone 11

Sightseer 9/37

Upon finding your way back outside onto Columbia’s streets, right after defeating the first Crow heavy hitter, turn left to see a floating stationary police gondola. Hop on and you’ll find a telescope at the front of the vessel.

Sightseer 9

Sightseer 10/37

After entering the Monument Island Gateway (right after the loading screen), immediately turn right to find a kinetoscope.

Sightseer 10

Sightseer 11/37

Upon once again getting outdoors you’ll have to jump onto the skyline to progress through the level. Ride the skyline and you’ll soon see a small platform you are able to jump onto on your left. Do so and on the corner you’ll find a telescope.

Sightseer 11

Voxophone 12/80

After riding the skyline some more you’ll come to a point where you must pull a lever to clear the skyline of obstacles. Turning around from the level you’ll find a doorway to your left, head through and on a desk will be a voxophone.

Voxophone 12

Voxophone 13/80

After the little dramatic episode on the zeppelin you will shortly find yourself entering the tower on Monument Island. Upon entering the structure itself you’ll find a miniature statue of the tower in the entrance and to the left of that is some lockers, one of which has a voxophone within it.

Voxophone 13

Voxophone 14/80

Further into the tower you’ll come across a strange set of displays containing three items including a teddy bear and a book. Continue past these through the next set of double doors but turning left almost immediately going through a single metal door. In the small room you’ll find a voxophone on the right side of the room on a countertop.

Voxophone 14

Voxophone 15/80

Head back out of the metal door back to the double doors you came through previously. Proceed down the corridor and through the double doors ahead to find a voxophone right ahead of you beneath a chalk board.

Voxophone 15

Voxophone 16/80

This one is almost impossible to miss. Head on through the tower and you’ll soon find yourself at the foot of a large metallic set of stairs. Head on up and in the next room you’ll find a chair with a voxophone on it.


We’ll give collectible hunting a rest for a bit here. Follow this series for the upcoming parts so that you can snag all those other telescopes, kinetoscopes and voxophones.

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