With Bioshock Infinite finally reaching gold status and landing its way into our hands next month, 2K Games has launched a new initiative that will introduce downloadable content into the game, which you can get on the cheap with the help of the newly introduced Season Pass.

The Pass, which should be available the same day as the game, enables you to get three downloadable content packs, along with access to an Early Bird Special Pack, which gives you a machine gun damage upgrade, pistol damage upgrade, a gold skin for both weaponry, five Infusion bottles and four pieces of gear.  That's a swell deal, and it's all yours for $19.99, or 1600 Microsoft points.  (It's a savings of $10 off the DLC by itself.)

Though 2K didn't detail what the DLC will entail, we're guessing it's some sort of expansion into the single player campaign – and maybe even a side story dealing more with Elizabeth's, um, interesting powers.

Bioshock Infinite hits stores for Xbox 360, PlayStaiton 3 and PC on March 26th.