Beware, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Leaks Have Officially Begun

Leak season is back in town

Scarlet Violet DLC 1 Leaks Featured

No Pokemon release feels the same without a few leaks here and there, and it’s no different with the upcoming Scarlet and Violet DLC The Teal Mask. The first leaks for the game are already out two weeks ahead of its official launch, in a not much different fashion from what happened back in the base game’s release.

Fresh images for some of the new Pokemon included in the DLC are circulating through X (formerly known as Twitter), coming from a leak-dedicated user named Kurt. More accounts are also sharing similar images, so be careful if you want to have a completely blind experience in your playthrough. There are some obvious spoilers in the account (and in this article, too), so open at your own risk.

In some of their posts, we can see lots of info on the new forms we’ll be seeing our partners assuming while wandering through Paldea, such as the Ursaluna Bloodmoon form. Differently from the regular Ursaluna we’ve seen in Legends: Arceus, this one seems to be directly tied to the rare moon phenomenon. Let’s just hope we don’t actually need to wait for a Blood Moon to evolve it.

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Another highlighted Pokemon was Sinistcha, which seems to be from the same family as the previously seen Poltchageist. The latter seems to have both the Unremarkable and the Masterpiece forms too, so get ready to add two new cups to your collection.

Models for the upcoming Mythical Pokemon, including their Shiny forms, are also present in the leaks. We probably won’t be able to catch them in these rare forms anyway, but they might be distributed in some kind of event later. And some of them are quite good. The new Applin variant is also here, and it looks great in its golden form!

“The Teal Mask” will be officially out on September 13, and it’s the first part of The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero expansion pack. The second half, “The Indigo Disk,” is scheduled for winter 2023, but has no official release date yet.

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