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Be Careful, Trainers! Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Screenshots Are Leaking Online

Batten down the hatches, folks.

by Meg Bethany Koepp
pokemon scarlet and violet leaks

As is usual with Pokemon releases, somebody has somehow got their hands on a copy of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet early and has opened the floodgates for screenshot leaks. And now they’re open, there’s no stopping it. From now on, places like Reddit and Twitter will be hotbeds for spoilers, so watch out.

Uh Oh… It’s Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Leak Season

If you’ve been following Pokemon leaks this year, you’ll know there have been a couple of “leakers” who claim to have already played and beaten the game. As for how they got access, we don’t know, but until now, all the leaked information has been via tweets and anonymous 4chan posts so it’s been relatively easy to avoid information that you don’t want to know.

Until now, that is. November 6 was a normal day like any other when all of a sudden, actual real screenshots began surfacing online, with several sources claiming they’re actually legit. We won’t share them here obviously but I’ve seen them and they definitely look real. The player who managed to get their hands on a Spanish physical copy of Pokemon Violet early, presumably by a store that broke street date, even showed a photo of the plastic Nintendo Switch game box, complete with box art.

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It’s highly likely that if one person has got a copy, there will be more of them, who will no doubt keep sharing photos and screenshots from Gen 9. And it’s only a matter of time before somebody with a hacked Nintendo Switch gets hold of one and the entire game is leaked online for pirates to plunder.

So from now until November 18 when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet officially releases, be careful on social media. If you use Twitter, mute any and all words associated with the Paldea region. Don’t go on any Pokemon subreddits, and ask your friends not to share any leaks. Good luck out there!