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Battlefield 5 Release Pushed Back to November

by Josh Hawkins

Battlefield 5 has had quite a few testing phases at this time, allowing players to dive into the game and experience all of the changes that DICE and EA have made to their iconic first-person shooter series. Originally the game was slated to release on October 19, however, EA announced today that “We’re going to take the time to continue to make some final adjustments to core gameplay”.

The delay, which pushes the game back an entire month to November 20, comes after feedback from Battlefield 5’s close alphas, as well as the showings of the game at recent conventions like E3 and even Gamescom. EA has said that it is happy with how the game has shifted its focus a bit, focusing more on squad play as well as a remade movement system, and have even stated that they have received positive feedback about other changes to the game as well.

The open beta, which is set to start on September 6, should showcase even more changes to the game, which EA hopes players will see as “meaningful improvements to the core gameplay experience”. Either way, a delay in the game’s release isn’t a huge deal, and it does give the developers more time to work on things to ensure that the game releases at optimum performance without any big issues.

If you’re interested in testing out the changes and even providing more feedback for the developers to make use of, you can dive into the Battlefield 5 open beta on September 6 to see what all that game has to offer, as well as what changes have been made to player movement, weapon handling, and other things. We’re definitely intrigued to see the changes ourselves, and when the game releases on November 20, we’re sure that the developers will have found a set up that they’re happy with.


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