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Battlefield V Launches Combined Arms Cooperative Mode

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield V revealed that its Combined Arms cooperative multiplayer mode will launch alongside the Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes content update on February 13. The experience will remain part of the game permanently and lets players come together to battle AI controlled opponents. This may help players improve their skills to ready them for competitive multiplayer.

The Combined Arms can be played solo or alongside three friends to earn XP and Company Coin. Players are dropped behind enemy lines in eight different missions with four objectives across four maps. Progress in Combined Arms applies to Companies, giving experienced players will have another way to earn Company Coin. At the same time, new players can practice their Company outside of the competitive multiplayer environments.

Players can adjust the difficulty of the missions and choose a loadout from their existing Company. There are four mission types that will change the experience, requiring different loadouts and tactics. Once the main objective is complete, squads must defend an extraction area against waves of enemies for three minutes to win.

The four mission types are:

  • Assassinate: An enemy soldier is marked for death, and it’s your squad’s job to kill them. It won’t be an easy task, since enemy soldiers will warn others about your presence, making things harder.
  • Eliminate: Players jump straight in to clear all foes from an area.
  • Destroy: Similar to the Battlefield V Frontlines mode, players must take capture points from the enemy, then destroy their artillery.
  • Steal: Find and take critical documents from the enemy, then escape with data. Soldiers could try to block your way with bullets if they figure out you stole their stuff.

Although players can go it alone if they want, the developers encourage players to work together. Squads cannot be filled with AI players. Additional cooperative missions are being planned for the Tides of War update.

Battlefield V is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

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