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Battlefield 4 Roars In EA’s Next Generation of Military Shooters

by Prima Games Staff

Yesterday, Electronic Arts kicked off the Game Developers Conference the right way with the launch of the first gameplay footage from Battlefield 4.  DICE’s highly anticipated next-generation shooter – which is unconfirmed for next-gen platforms but appears to be destined for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC at the very least – focuses on a squadron of soldiers as they face hell-or-high-water taking on adversaries in Baku.

The 17 minutes of gameplay (which you can catch here) doesn’t let up on the excitement, starting off in a submerged taxi underwater and then going into flashbacks talking about how the team got there, including firefights with a helicopter, a narrow escape from a collapsing building, and trying to amputate a teammate’s leg before a nearby explosion takes you all out.  It sure has plenty of intense moments!

It helps that DICE, the game’s developer, is utilizing a new graphic engine called Frostbite 3.  It looks phenomenal thus far, especially with smaller things like the rippling effects on water and the waving building materials in the background.  The explosions look fantastic too.

Watch the footage for yourself and we’ll have a first look ready for you by this time next week.  Battlefield 4 is set to mean business sometime later this year, so be on the lookout for new details! 

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