For Premium members who enjoy Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation3, PlayStation 4 or Xbox 360, the Naval Strike DLC is currently available for download. Unfortunately, the team at DICE delayed the launch of the PC and Xbox One versions, targeting early April for Premium members.

While the news is undoubtedly disappointing to some, others can jump into the action right away. With four new maps, five new weapons and the Carrier Assault game mode, players will have their hands full for the foreseeable future.

Check out the complete list of goodies below.

New Maps

  • Lost Islands
  • Wave Breaker
  • Nansha Strike
  • Operation Motor

New Weapons

  • SW40 Magnum
  • AWS Machine Gun
  • SR33B Sniper Rifle
  • AR160 Assault Rifle
  • SR-2 PDW

New Gadgets

  • AA Mine
  • M320 3GL

New Game Modes

  • Carrier Assault